Monday, April 21, 2008

video for when learners speak

Click on the links below to see the videos:

Early Birds:
Learning is Power

Ontario School Children Speak up for Learning

Charlie Angus asks Chuck Strahl, the Indian Affairs Minister, a question about the school

Attawapiskat School Blog

Week 1:
Creating a Sacred Learning Space

Is Change Possible?

Music and Life

Do schools kills creativity?

What would Minnie say?

What does Jerry Lee Miller say?

Week 3:
Bishop Tutu speaks about leadership and dreaming:

Almost all seem to want to see in the leader the attributes that they wish they themselves have: integrity, compassion, gentleness, magnanimity -- the things that make you and I proud to be human, to say, "Ah yes. There are awful things about us, but I realize I am actually made for the transcendent. I am made for goodness. I am made for laughter. I am made for caring. I am made for sharing." And those leaders who somehow embody these things show that it is achievable. Yes, the sky is the limit, and we are meant to reach for the stars and dream God's dream.

Read, watch and listen to more from Bishop Tutu here. The quote above in on page 4 and is the 4th clip down the page.

Working for change in a learning circle
For the full Guide to Learning Circles, click here.

Week 4:
Inviting People to Participate

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