Monday, October 8, 2007


Welcome to the AlphaRoute blog!
This blog is for the students in
the Blogging is Power course,
but anyone can read this blog
and make comments.


Catherine said...

I feel the name of this Blog should be "Learners - What Literacy Is About"

Catherine Lang

cheryl"cuzzy" said...

we could call it ARFB or BARF = alpha route friends of blogging?

Nancy said...

Cheryl, I definitely prefer ARFB to BARF!


goodtimes said...

I would could my blog
share my feelings and my Friends and Family and good things happing

Jean said...

I think the name of the blog should be "Blogging is Power".

cheryl"cuzzy" said...

what about blogging the window to literacy

Ida said...

Literacy Means to me is when I share ideas with other Learners and I lam going to the MTLML Learners
conference so I will share my idea with you all