Friday, October 12, 2007

blogging concerns

I am concerned about what information I should share in a blog. My second question,is there any way I can control who reads my blog ?
And I am concerned who reads my blogging too. and I can control it too.
You two have the same concerns as myself. I am not sure how safe anything is on the web. I definitely wouldn't be comfortable keeping a personal journal blog on line. ...

I think that putting any personal information on the web runs a risk. I think that by blogging people may be making themselves vulnerable without realising it.

You all raise important questions. Many bloggers share your concerns.

On Blogger, you can choose to keep your blog private. That means you invite certain people to read your blog and they have to have a password to see your blog.

You can also choose to make your blog 'invisible' to search engines. That means if people search, no links to your blog will come up.

But as K points out, it is always possible to break through these safety measures. I am pretty careful on story juice not to identify people, especially children.

We saw what happened when we all started clicking on marytree. Mary became concerned that we might be posing a threat to her children. Mary says, "As with many bloggers I am often torn by how much to put out there."

I guess we all have to find our own comfort level. People can be healing to each other and sharing stories and experiences is one way we do that. But we also have to keep ourselves safe. My advice would be to be very cautious and careful - once it is on the internet it is out in the world.


mary said...

I wanted to let you know that I didn't actually have anything odd happen with the blog. The site that I was asking about was an online class that used my blog as an example. I just was concerned because the site was password protected.
I generally use feed burner to see what sort of searches bring people to the blog. The google image searches are the ones of the most concern. I can see what (not who) people are searching for and change a post accordingly. I would give an example but then your blog would be tagged. Feel free to email me with any concerns. I still haven't figured this one out and adjust what's up there as I go along. I hate to give it all up because the blog really has made me a better, more patient and thoughtful blog. Best wishes and can't wait to read more from you.

mary said...
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mary said...

I meant to say more thoughtful mom. I didn't realize as I typed away that your blog was from the mentioned class. That's what I get for typing when tired.