Friday, October 12, 2007

what is a blog?

Here are your ideas about what blogs are and whether there is power in blogging or not.
o Blog is a new away to share ideas your life story and what things are happening in your community.

o Well the power of Blog can help a person who wanted to put part of their story on it and see if people like what they have read or of it needs some improvement or somebody can make a suggestion on changing something in the story

o My definition of a Blog is something that is of interest to the person who is writing or preparing the information. It is an avenue which people can use to communicate with a large group of individuals at the same time.

o A blog is a way of writing what we think to other people. It is like a journal but on the internet.

o Yes blogging is power because it lets us say what we think to many people at once.

o To me a BLOG is a computer journal where I can share my stories, feelings, dreams, hopes and thoughts.

o Yes, I think blogging is power because other people may be reading it and may be influenced by it.

o I think blog is a way to give a short description about something, and tell a small story. I do thing blogging is power because it tells a lot of stuff in a short story.

o My definition of blog is a computer story. Some people's blogs tell about their ideas, opinions, experiences and feelings.

o Yes, I think blogging is power because it draws readers to the story and it also can provide information and can change people's opinions.

o My definition of a blog is like writing in a diary or a journal. I have done both.

o My definition of a blog is keeping a journal where You write down your most private thoughts,

o My idea of a Blog is a journal that is online. It a place to talk about anything you want to say.

o No, I do not think blogging is power. The reason is everyone has the power to say and do what is the best for their life. My blog may not be read by anyone.

o The word blog means a web log. It is a collection of short stories or a journal.

o The meaning of blog means to me to write entries and add different materials and it does not matter what you add.Its like an online diary like some people use facebook and they put there personal thoughts and express how they are feeling too. They updated often as possible as well. Its pretty much like online journal by using facebook and some of there friends on there too.

o Blog is great we get to meet many people on here .

o I love reading new stories

o I am starting to get what a blog is and no it is not like a bog (although at times I do feel bogged down!!). A blog is your on-line journal/diary /agenda -or whatever else you want it to be!!! I think that used sensibly they are a good thing.

o Following someone's story is a blog.

o A blog is like a web-site. I think blogs are alright

o Blogging to me is like a E-mail but any one can read it if they had the address. Blogging is used so you can keep the family or group of people up to date on what is happening. This is power because you only need to write the message once and stays their for as long as you want and goes to whoever would like to read it that is interested in the topic...

o A series of messages.

o Blogging is like having good discussion with many people.

o To me blogging is just like writing in a journal. A journal is a little book where write your thoughts.

And here is Blogger's definition.

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