Tuesday, June 3, 2008

our own voice

Just because we have learning challenges does not make us any different then anyone else. We have a right to learn and be the best that we can be. The community of literacy is all about adult learners and it is a wonderful mixture of the peoples of Canada; but haven't you found that we are always spoken for, thought for, and done for? I believe we have a right to our own representation and our own voice. What do you think?

By Patricia Ashie


Ida said...

I think people our voices and
I do feel that we need to help Alpha plus get funding so we can have online courses we has Adult
Learners I feel that it is good Learing to have on line course
let your voices be heard

Ida said...

I readly think that learners shouldn;t ever be a afraid to ask for help and it is also inportant to understand what is going in the
programs so that leanrners can let there voices be heard some learners
think it is just place to hang out well it isn;t is place to come and
learn how to read and write

Ida said...

I am a very strong Learner in Literacy and I have been gooing to The south Temiskaming Literacy council for 6 years now. I on April the 20th 2008 all the learners were call to a meeting
at the back table and It was Regard
waring in a Literacy program and I do feel That we aren ;t Little
child. and I just want my voice
to be heard on this issue and I had told them it was unfair to
do that in My program
Ida I do feel that we need more funding in the programs and Better
help for The learners