Friday, October 10, 2008

cheryl turner speaks

Cheryl Turner from Guelph Action Read talks about participating in the Tongues in Trees project:

Tongues in Trees was an outdoor art show at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre as a part of the Shakespeare - Made in Canada Festival. Dawn Matheson, a multimedia artist and writer living in Guelph, volunteered at a poetry reading that included adult literacy learners from Action Read Guelph and was inspired by the voices speaking their own words and those of famous poets. Dawn and a group of learners worked to reveal Shakespeare as the “artist of and for Everyman, Everywoman” he really is.

Happy harvest weekend.


Ida said...

Hi Cheryl Turner That was readly good what you were talking about that was readly inresting

Ida said...

I Just want to say that we has learners we should be able to speak
out and ever be afraid to ask for him that is important to ask for
help when you need it in Literacy