Friday, May 1, 2009

"I just want my voice to be heard on this issue"

A learner posted a comment here and I was worried that people would not see it so I posted again on the main page:

I am a very strong Learner in Literacy and I have been going to The South Temiskaming Literacy council for 6 years now.

On April the 20th 2008 all the learners were call to a meeting at the back table and it was regard waring in a Literacy program and I do feel that we aren't little child.

and I just want my voice to be heard on this issue and I had told them it was unfair to do that in my program


I do feel that we need more funding in the programs and better help for the learners.


Ida said...

I have a concern for everyone and I think it is off to get hell at a Literacy program you are trying to let your voice be
heard on a issue

Ida said...

I think we need to make some charges in the Literacy programs to make
things better for learners
have a charge of teachers